The life for you is waiting to be found.

7th-21st Sept 2020, Bali | 14th-28th MAY 2020, PORTUGAL

Build Your Business.
Live Your Best Life.



It’s time to find a better way to live with more balance between work & your wellbeing. In this 14 day training, we will guide you towards being the founder of your own life.



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BALI 2020

£4,000 full price, first 4 spots £3,500
Pay in full, SAVE £200

14th-28th MAY


£4,000 full price, first 4 spots £3,500
Pay in full, SAVE £200


A LOOK AT 2019


Before we begin to build, we need to set the right foundations. Our first week will be about grounding, and getting to know ourselves better. As you spend more time identifying with your mind and body, you can access a clearer idea of what you truly want. Through journaling, meditation and mindful movement, we will slow everything down and increase our focus. By the end of this week you will have a clear vision of your goals, and feel ready to make them happen.


Now that you’re clear on your goals and you have a solid base, it’s time to get creative. We’ll explore how you can start to inject your own personality into your ideas, pushing the boundaries and increasing your confidence. Through different workshop and exercises, you’ll begin to challenge yourself and understand how you can push through your fears. During this week, you will understand better what is unique about you, and the value in threading that into everything you do.


You’ve set your foundations, explored and curated your brand personality and defined your creative vision. Now it’s time to build our dream. This week will be about beginning to put everything you have learnt into action in the real world, and refining what you need to do on a day-to-day basis. We’ll work together in our onsite co-work space, and you’ll have mentors available to answer questions you have as you get started. Let’s get to work, and make your dream a reality.



7.00 - 7.30am: Meditation
7.30 - 9.00am: Exercise
11 - 2pm: Workshops
3 - 4.00pm: Mentoring/Coworking


Daily Yoga, Meditation and Visualization
Dream Business Planning
One-On-One Business Mentoring
Brand Style Guide Creation
Website Buildout + Education
Fundraising and Finance workshops
Creating Passionate Relationships
Leadership Laws
Business Mastery
Tips From Industry Experts
Finding Balance and Fulfilment
Restore Your Natural Energy
How to Captivate an Audience
Targeting Your Dream Customer
Mixed Movement and Partner Yoga


Foundation for your dream business
A business plan with clear goals
A brand identity + supporting assets
A Squarespace website
Photography + film
A network of like-minded people

Download the FOUND course Guide

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the take aways

With the help of expert entrepreneurs, we'll guide you through setting the foundations of your own business and building it around a lifestyle of wellbeing, community and adventure, ultimately leaving you empowered to continue the journey far beyond the Found experience.


Business Buildout

A beautifully branded website, expert business knowledge, and eye-catching content are just some of the things you’ll walk away with.


Next Level Wellness

Learn to integrate the highest quality in wellness methods into your day to day so you’ll never have to compromise work for your wellbeing.



After you leave the villa, you’ll have the opportunity to continue to connect to the amazing community you’ll cultivate abroad.



Our team has been carefully selected to offer a broad range of backgrounds and experience, with one theme in common - they are mission driven and have found a lifestyle that compliments their passions and their purpose.

Jake Paul White

Jake Paul White
brand strategist & Photographer

Jake Paul White is a brand designer and yoga teacher who is dedicated to helping high vibe entrepreneurs live out their dreams through modern and strategic design. Much like his yoga practice, Jake's design work streamlines and simplifies in order to give people the practical tools they need to share their story with the world. Follow Jake on Instagram @jake_paul_white



Brand Strategy
Strategic Design
Marketing Strategy
Logo Design
Website Design


Freelance Designer & Brand Consultant

Amy is a yoga teacher, reiki practitioner and designer. She retrained as a designer shortly after discovering yoga 8 years ago, and attributes this discovery with giving her the faith in herself to achieve something she had always wanted to do, but had been to afraid to try. Amy has built her career around wellbeing, and believes doing something she loves has meant she can combine her passion with success in this sector as a teacher and designer. She also runs a retreat business Akasha Yoga, organising yoga retreats showing how we can bring yoga into our everyday life. Follow Amy on Instagram @amypatsalides



Art Direction + Design
Yoga Business 101
Brand Consultancy
Yoga + Meditation
Psychosomatic Healing

Cat Meffin

Cat Meffan
yoga teacher & blogger

Cat is a global yoga teacher, blogger & YouTuber on a mission to share her passion for movement and exploration of the body with everyone who crosses her path. Through the growth of her blog and YouTube channel, Cat has been able to talk openly about her struggles with mental health, talking about the highs, lows and everything in between, especially when it comes to running her own business. Follow Cat on Instragram @catmeffan



Free Movement
The Art of Knowing Yourself 
Partner yoga
Playful Vinyasa
Stepping Outside the Rulebook
Chakra Yoga
Yoga for Stress and Anxiety  

Damian Soong.png

Damian Soong
CEO and Co-Founder Form

An innovative entrepreneur, Damian is an MBA with experience having run, started or raised funding for businesses across a multitude of sectors from clean water to product design, all fulfilling social objectives. It was this passion for social entrepreneurship that led him to take what is almost by definition a self focused product and introduce Giving - every order placed results in a meal for someone in need via Form’s Family Feeding Fund at Bansang Hospital in The Gambia.. Follow Damian on Instragram @DamianSoong



Sustainable Business
Disruptive Strategy
Entrepreneurship Essentials
Financial Accounting
Negotiation Mastery
Talent Recruitment

natalia bojanic

co-Founder of Form Nutrition

Life juggler on a mission to be happy and useful whilst doing good in the world. Natalia is a former PR Director with over 10 years’ experience in the luxury industry working with brands from Land Rover to Dior. She left the corporate world to follow her passion for wellness and went on a self-discovery journey to find out how she could be of benefit to others. She is now a enthusiastic entrepreneur in the Nutrition and Mindfulness space. Follow Natalia on Instragram @nataliabojanic



Brand Vision & Values
Communications Strategy
Partnership Building
Emotional Intelligence


Leo Oppenheim
Founder of Flow Fitness

Leo is a multi discipline instructor specialising in balance and core stability. His journey into movement began with skating, traversed through balance board and slacklining, and has ultimately landed him on the yoga mat. Rather than chasing personal bests and perfection, Leo’s practice has evolved towards moving with intention; no ego or attachment, just working to your best ability. Leo has built successful businesses in all aspects of movement that interest him, and has evolved his life alongside his career, managing to make both work in perfect harmony. Follow Leo on Instagram @flowfitness1983



Dharma, acro + vinyasa yoga teacher
Experimental movement for athletes
Skate + slackline teacher
Consultation on yoga business
Business owner


christy skarulis
wellness entrepreneur

Christy is a meditation teacher, yoga instructor and wellness entrepreneur. While struggling to balance an overly demanding work life, Christy realised she was compromising happiness, health, and interpersonal connections for an unfulfilling job title. She decided to take life into her own hands and quit her 9-5 to build what she was craving. Since starting that journey, she's created the yoga social events business Grip The Mat and worked with brands and non-profits across the globe to bring the mission of balanced living to life! Following Christy on Instagram @christyskarulis



Brand Partnership 
Community Building 
Event Management 
Content Curation


Niamh Keane
Meditation teacher and coach

Meditation teacher and coach, Niamh believes that we have unlimited potential and unlimited opportunities available to us and that meditation is the key to unlocking and driving this personal growth. Compounding stress, trauma and life changing events led Niamh to follow her passion for wellness. Intuitive since a child, Niamh now brings balance to peoples everyday lives, calming over stimulated nervous systems and harnessing the benefits of this ancient healing tool and technique. Niamh has worked across Europe, Asia and the Middle East in C-Suite positions working in real estate, investment and tech, raising capital and driving business growth as a Chief Commercial Officer and in global business development. Niamh is a wellness entrepreneur and runs a private coaching practice and corporate wellness business. Following Niamh on Instagram @niamhkeanewellness  



Self- limiting beliefs
Breaking Patterns
Growth Mindset
Global Business Growth 
Energy Healing


7th-28th SEpt 2020, BALI | 14th-28th MAY 2020, PORTUGAL


£,4000 full price, first 4 spots, £3,500 (deposit £500)



- The full 14-day program and course guide
- Daily morning movement and meditation classes
- Weekly team event one evening each week



- Accommodation - options will be provided
- Flights (Bali’s airport is Denpasar)
- Meals, but we will be arranging team outings

Small Print

£500 GBP deposit is due upon registration to reserve your spot. Full payment is due 60 days before the training starts. We offer payment plans to spread the cost of this investment, please enquire via email for more information. If you would like to enquire about booking your space, or still have questions you need answered, drop us a line below, or email us directly


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