5 Things to Expect From FOUND

The FOUND experience isn’t a vacation - It’s a structure for a new way of life! That might sound like a big promise, but the formula is simple: work smart on something you love, nurture your mind and body and surround yourself with amazing people who can help bring your vision to life.  Trust us, for anyone willing to put in the work, it’s possible to have your dream job and your dream lifestyle every single day of the year. At FOUND, we’ve brought together the best instructors in yoga, wellness and business to not only show you what it’s like to live your best life but teach you how to make it a part of your every day even after the training is done.


Besides being in Bali practising yoga and exploring every day, here are 5 things to expect from your FOUND training:

1. A full business buildout

From brand buildout to website development, and big picture goal setting down detailed daily strategy, we’ll help you create an unshakeable foundation for your business to build upon. At FOUND, we’ll show you how to draw in your dream clients so you have a booked out calendar that fuels and energises you to continue to create and generate amazing ideas.

2. A lifestyle you love

After your first few days at FOUND, you’ll notice something magical - you wake up everyday feeling motivated and excited for your work. When you do what you love and have the tools to make your passion profitable, the energy supply is endless! We harness that energy and make the most of it not only with daily workshops to help you build your business, but also to help keep your body and mind growing. We’ll get you out of your mind and into the moment with daily yoga and meditation exercises with the best instructors Bali has to offer.

3. One-to-one mentoring

This retreat isn’t one size fits all. Your life plan is just as unique as you! That’s why every student is going to get some one-on-one deep dive time with our experts. Each session will be tailored to you so you walk away with the confidence and know-how to take yourself to the next level.

4. Game-changing emotional awareness

They say emotional intelligence is more valuable for a business’ success than IQ intelligence. At FOUND, we’ll teach you how to tap into your strengths in order to create a sustainable business that lights you up. Through self-assessment and journaling exercises, we’ll uncover what fuels you and what holds you back so you can take the wheel on your life direction and get going on a path that feels good. We’ll teach you the tools you need to bring your inner journey into the real world and apply it to all that you do so you can guarantee that, as you grow personally, your dream business will, too.

5. A community that supports and inspires you

We believe we’re only as good as the people we surround ourselves with. That’s why our favourite part of the FOUND experience is the community we’re creating! During the 21-day training, you’ll work alongside an intimate group curated to help elevate your expectations to help you continue to thrive and grow.


Are you ready to dive deep and do the work it takes to create your dream lifestyle? This might just be the best working holiday in all of Bali.  Space is limited at our September training, so apply now and reserve your spot!

Christy Skarulis1 Comment