How To Network Like A Yogi

So you’re clear on your business vision and are ready to book out your calendar with dream clients. What’s next?  They key ingredient to launching a successful business or side-hustle is… Networking.

We know what you’re thinking. At least we know what WE’RE thinking. Networking gets a bad rap for being phony and forced. But you don’t have to wear business casual and pay for overpriced networking events in order to grow your contact list.

Think of networking like gardening.  Your contacts are the seeds. As you tend to them, certain seeds will grow. Eventually, every seed you tend to properly will blossom.


Sewing The Seeds

Have you ever gone to a networking event and talked with people who are only interested in helping themselves? That’s not true networking. Find places where you feel authentically connected to people and express genuine interest in what they do, too. Get a clear idea of how to verbalize what you do and have the courage to express some of your goals and desires to the people that you meet.  This two-way conversation plants the seeds for future collaboration.

You Get What You Give

Networking isn’t one-way street. If someone you meet is in need of your services, consider extending a helping hand. Offering your services and support for free not only helps grow your portfolio but also your networking garden.  Think of it like karma work: Offering free services leads to positive recommendations, which leads to referrals, which eventually leads to paid work.

Keep At It

You never know where your relationships will take you, so it’s important to keep in touch even if certain relationships don’t appear to be immediately useful.   Think of the occasional coffee date or phone call as fertilizer for your seeds. Keeping the line of communication open through genuine interest in your contacts’ wellbeing opens the doors for opportunity. Even if it takes years, as your needs change and your contact’s situations evolve, you might be surprised to finally find a way to work together.

In conclusion, networking is the life-force of a new business. Making a regular habit out of tending to your contacts will lead to an open-minded perspective and an abundance of opportunities. So, what are you waiting for? Get yourself  out there and lay the foundation for your dream business!


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Christy is a meditation teacher, yoga instructor and wellness entrepreneur. While struggling to balance an overly demanding work life, Christy realised she was compromising happiness, health, and interpersonal connections for an unfulfilling job title. She decided to take life into her own hands and quit her 9-5 to build what she was craving. Since starting that journey, she's created the yoga social events business Grip The Mat and worked with brands and non-profits across the globe to bring the mission of balanced living to life! Following Christy on Instagram @christyskarulis