Meditation is Your Super Power

Found is all about working hard to make your dreams come true, but what makes us different from other business courses, is that we want you to do so whilst paying equal attention to your wellbeing. Working for yourself, starting a business or investing in any other passion project can be a life changing experience, but lets get real about the challenges you may encounter as you start this journey. 

Stress is something we all experience at one time or another, it's just a part of life, and there's plenty of opportunity for your stress levels to rise when you're working hard on building those dreams.  

What will make all the difference is arming yourself with some skills to help you navigate the challenges that may be thrown at you, so lets talk about how to get the upper hand over stress.

Every day during Found will begin with meditation, because we truly believe that this practice will give you the foundational support to overcome every challenge stress throws at you. So let's take a look at how meditation can help you as you begin your journey.


Challenge vs. Threat

Stress can be very healthy, it’s actually how we perceive it that matters. There are two ways we can react to a difficult situation;

Threat - I'm dreading this, it's going to be so hard and I'm bound to fail.
Challenge - I'm so excited for this, and I know once I do it, I'll feel amazing.

You can probably guess which perspective gives us a healthy response both physically and mentally. Usually people have a natural inclination to go one way or the other, and without being aware of your thought patterns, you will keep going for the same response again and again - that’s how the brain works. Just like any habit, you need to break that pattern, and the way to do that is become more aware. Through meditation, you can notice how you respond to stress, take control of your reactions, and decide to think differently. You’ll ultimately get more done, whilst also enjoying it - double win.

Tell yourself...”I've got this, and I will do it.”

What’s Your Life Goal?

This might sound morbid, but think for a minute about what it will say on your tombstone. What one sentence do you want to be remembered for? The beauty of this exercise is that you can't fit many words on a tombstone, so you have to get really focused about what truly matters to you. It also offers perspective on the bigger picture, ask yourself - 'will this matter in a week, 6 months, 5 years...', you'll probably find that usually the answer is no. Some examples could be;

Never gave up on her dreams
A loyal friend and devoted husband
An inspiration to everyone
Dedicated to helping others

Is what you’re doing (or worrying about) in this moment a part of your life’s work? What you’ll realise is that you've been worrying about things that don't really matter to you, and it will bring you back to what you really need to focus on. Quite often we're multi-tasking, and moving through life mindlessly, so we can lose sight of where we're going. Meditation increases focus, and helps to stop your mind wandering, meaning more attention is placed on what you're passionate about.

Tell yourself... “I am doing something that really matters to me.”

The Internal Critic

A common misconception is that meditation is about avoiding, suppressing or stopping thoughts, which is actually a sure fire way to find yourself suffering with stress. Some examples of negative thinking circles that might stop you in your tracks and make you question yourself;

I'm not capable of this, what if I fail
I really regret doing that
I feel like I keep doing this wrong

When you think negatively, do you get angry with yourself and try to stop? You'll find yourself in an internal battle with yourself, and that doesn't help anyone. Try a different approach. Through meditation, start to watch your thoughts, and notice as they come into your mind. Think of them as an 'unhelpful assistant' - the office intern that's offering advice or giving their opinion, but they possibly don't have the skills or experience to know what they're talking about. If you imagine an inexperienced assistant offering you that advice, you'll be more inclined to kindly decline their input, rather than getting worked up and angry about it, and get on with what you know is right for you.

Tell yourself...”I'm accomplished and capable.”

Some of these exercises can be done without meditation, but we guarantee that through a regular practice you'll start to naturally develop an approach to situations that is more helpful and makes life a lot easier. We've included a FREE guided meditation with this post by Found team member Natalia, so you can try it for yourself.

Ready to give meditation a try? You only need 6 minutes to start. Download our free Guided Meditation for Wellness Entrepreneurs below.

Free Guided Meditation

Free Guided Meditation

Download this free guided meditation by Found team member Natalia. A great introduction to the power of meditation in helping you keep calm and focused as you start the journey. Click below to get it!



Amy is a yoga teacher, reiki practitioner and designer. Amy has built her career around wellbeing, and believes doing something she loves has meant she can combine her passion with success in this sector as a yoga teacher and designer. @amypatsalides

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