The Number 1 Mistake Wellness Entrepreneurs Make

Everyone enters the wellness industry with high aspirations. We all want to make a big difference and leave a positive impact on the world. Whether our customers are clients at the gym, attendees at festival or subscribers to an online wellness channel, all of us wellness entrepreneurs are held together by the same desire  - we want to offer our very best to the world. So, where do so many fail? Why are there so many hardworking, talented people living paycheque to paycheque every month? The top mistake wellness entrepreneurs make is over-broadening services in an effort to try to please everyone.

In the wellness world, we’re conditioned to be caretakers and often have a desire to cater to “everyone.” Newsflash: You cannot please everyone. By trying to appeal to more people, you’re watering down your services and running yourself thin. We repeat you never in a million years will ever be able to please everyone. So instead, here are our top three tips to help start your wellness business off on the right foot:

1. Define your strengths and what YOU want to offer.

Chances are, if you are already taking the leap to create your own wellness-based business, then you are good at a lot of different things. The trick is in identifying what sparks you on the inside because that is likely where you shine on the outside. Get very specific. Make a short list of exactly whatever it is you want to devote your business to - one to three bullets is all you need - then approach your work with the confidence knowing that you are amazing at what you do.

2. Say NO to the opportunities that don’t line up with you.

Quality over quantity. If you keep catering to the clients that don’t fit your bill for what you want to offer, then you won’t have space for the ones that do.  In addition, you’ll just be perpetuating a workflow that doesn’t show you in your best light! Taking on work that doesn’t match up with your strengths is not only a loss for you but also a loss for your client. Stick to what you love and aspire to be and the quality of your work will multiply.

3. Stop apologising.

The best thing you can do for your clients is to be confident in your ability to help them. Having confidence in yourself will help others put their trust in you. You’ve done the work, you’ve put in the hours and now it’s time to have a little faith in yourself. Sure, there will be moments of self-doubt that will propel you into evolving your offerings and reassessing the way you do things, but that’s a part of the process!  Take what you know today and run with it. Not everyone will love you for it, but they sure will respect you.

In summary, be the unicorn in the wellness world. Get SPECIFIC about what you want to offer and then cover it in rainbow glitter and wear it on the middle of your head for everyone to see. You’re too talented and too valuable to be run ragged by the people-pleasing game. Do yourself and your dream clients a favour by taking these three steps and never ever make the top mistake of over-broadening your wellness services ever again.

Jake WhiteComment