Who is this for?

This experience is for all you movers and shakers who are ready to make a balanced lifestyle a part of your 5 year plan. If you’re dreaming of integrating wellness into your business goals and making big shifts in your life, then keep reading. 


Ready to leave the humdrum desk job to go travel the world? Perfect. We’ll show you how to use your skills to pay the bills and create a freelance career that gives you that life of freedom you’ve been dreaming of.


Let’s be real. You have your business, now you’re ready to step it up and finally make the money you deserve. We’ll not only create the space to think big, but give you the tools to harness your potential and uplevel your business.


You’re a creative thinker with endless brainstorming power but now it’s time to focus your energy. We’ll show you step-by-step how to bring your vision to life and create a foundation for your endless ideas to build upon.

the Wellness guru

You’re living a mindful lifestyle and now you’re ready to change the world. We’ll give you the tools to put yourself out there and create a strong presence on and offline so you can reach those in need with your unique services.